Case Studies - Outsourcing Payroll Services – A Leading Recruitment Agency

23rd December 2013

Our Client is a top headhunting firm. Because of the nature of its work, the company regularly paid employees different amounts of commission – and in order to properly assess expenditure on payroll, it asked us to look at the total gross pay awarded to members of staff over a set period of time.

During the period of our study, we kept track of what our client paid its staff both through their salaries and in any extra commission they earned. We worked out what each employee would be earning on a monthly basis if they received all of their pay as a salary, rather than split into two components. This has enabled the company to reform how it pays people.

While offering employees larger salaries has meant that our clientis required to make additional pension contributions for them – thus increasing the overall cost of its payroll – this change has also enabled more efficient monthly budgeting for staff costs, compared with the commission scheme that was in place before.

This is an example of how Numerus works with clients, ensuring our payroll outsourcing service is of the highest level.

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