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6th January 2014

Welcome to the Numerus blog – the part of our website where members of the team can share their professional expertise in a personal, informal way.

This is a jargon-free zone where you’ll find industry news and insights in plain English. Our posts are written by the same people who manage payroll processing for clients day in, day out – so you can be sure that they’re accurate as well as easy to read.

Here at Numerus our focus is always on delivering a personalised payroll service that is right for each business we work with. What you read on our blog will be client-centred, too: we won’t just report big changes in the world of tax, payroll, pensions and employment law, we will also look at how they might affect you in real life.

Our team members pride themselves on being proper people – so while we can’t promise anything, you might even find the odd attempt at payroll humour on this part of the site.

Altogether we have more than fifty years’ experience in payroll services, but sharing the benefits of that experience online is certainly a new and exciting sensation for most of us.

Meet our bloggers


Susan was so sure a career in payroll was right for her that she started in the industry as soon as she left school. At first she was responsible for manual tax calculations – enough to give the average teenager a lifelong headache, but an inspiration for Susan to work towards CIPP qualification. Susan qualified six years ago, and has overseen the payroll team ever since. During her career Susan has built up specialist knowledge of employment law and offshore protocol schemes. One of her key skills is helping businesses to streamline their payroll systems, ensuring that they work in the most efficient way.


Trish has more than twenty five years’ experience in payroll services, dating back to when everything was done manually and administrators had to fill in endless P11 forms. Amazingly, the tediousness of such tasks didn’t put Trish off: she started in payroll after spending some time working for what was then called the Job Centre and has never looked back. Trish has a reputation for providing perfect customer service and  she’s passionate about payroll. Trish really cares about delivering great work for all her clients, on every level.


Nick’s career in payroll started back when Wham! were at the top of the charts and EastEnders was brand new to BBC One. With almost thirty years’ experience in the financial sector, he is a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants and a Chartered Tax Adviser. Nick has been a partner of accountancy practices dealing with small and medium sized businesses since 1997, and this experience has shaped his approach to payroll. One of Nick’s specialisms is helping clients to understand both the practical and financial benefits of outsourcing services such as payroll and management reporting.


Matthew is the newest member of the Numerus team – and as a sprightly young thing, he has a talent for producing accurate information at impressive speed. Matthew loves collaborating with clients, working to ensure that what we deliver is designed to meet their particular needs. He has been in payroll for four years now, and we’re hopeful that – like the rest of us – Matthew will be a lifer.

We hope you like our new website, and that you find our blog posts both interesting and useful. If you’d like to talk to Numerus about anything you read here, or anywhere else on our site, please contact us.

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