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How do you choose a payroll services provider?

27th May 2014

The most common issue when contemplating outsourcing, is the fear of losing control. So what can you do to ensure that you chose a provider who will work with you, to meet the needs of your business? One recommended course of action is to plan what you expect from your payroll services outsourcing provider. Here at... View Article

In-year interest on late payments

22nd May 2014

As announced in the What’s New of 19 March 2014, HMRC now charges interest on any late PAYE and Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) payments. For employers that pay monthly, the first payment of 2014 to 2015 is due on 19 May (or 22 May for employers who pay electronically). From the date a payment is... View Article

Zero-hours contracts

20th May 2014

Workers on zero-hours contracts could be given the right to request fixed contracts, the business secretary has said. The BBC News has reported that the government is considering giving workers on zero-hours contracts the right to request fixed contracts. Speaking at the Resolution Foundation, Vince Cable said that while Labour’s call to give workers the... View Article

Employer Payment Summary (EPS) can be filed during current month

14th May 2014

HMRC are due to issue the latest round of non-filing Generic Notification Service (GNS) messages very shortly. Employers are reminded that changes brought in since 6 April 2014 mean that the Employer Payment Summary (EPS) can now be filed during the current month so there is no need to wait until 20th of the month,... View Article